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Spirit of 608: Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability + Tech

Apr 18, 2017

With days to go before Fashion Revolution Week, who better to spotlight on the Spirit of 608 podcast than a fashion industry veteran who co-founded the now-global movement after the Rana Plaza disaster left 1,138 dead and more than 2,500 injured in a devastating garment industry building collapse that took place...

Apr 11, 2017

It doesn't get more FEST-ive than this week's conversation with an entrepreneur who started out as a maker with a namesake jewelry brand and went on to found what's fast becoming the go-to place for girls to learn about 3D design and printed products.

Meet this week's guest, Suz Somersall, founder of KiraKira.


Apr 4, 2017

Sometimes you know you're destined to go out on your own - and sometimes, it's a total surprise when you wake up one day and watch yourself leaving an insanely good job for adventures in startuplandia.

Meet this week's guest, Jennie Baik, co-founder of Orchard Mile.

This female founder had an enviable gig heading up...